Friday, July 4, 2014

365 Days to an Urban Homestead

Today I'm going to embark on a challenge, 365 days of urban homesteading. I already dabble in a little bit of everything self sufficient but today I really felt like I needed to motivate myself. With three under three and a 7 year old, plus Tim and I being newly married, it is easy to become over whelmed. 

Striving to become more self relient and living frugally is actually relaxing for me. Something about supplying food for my family with my own hands and spending as little of our minimal one income as I can is a joy. It helps us strive towards paying off our pretty big chunk of student loan debt and save up towards our dream of owning our own small working homestead. 

So far in an effort to be more frugal, earth friendly, self sufficient and relient, we have implemented a ton of changes. A few include: 

-breast feeding 
-cloth diapering 
-making our own cleaners 
-meal planning 
-line drying 95% of the time except for rainy days 
-meal planning 
-buying in bulk
-ordering our meat from a butcher 
-using a budget 
-not buying disposable paper products
-switching to a feminine cup 
-seed saving 
-freezer cooking 
-planning and budgeting our gas use 
-buying and selling things on craigslist and through consignment 
-cutting our hair at home 
-finding free or cheap entertainment 
-limiting tv time to about an hour a day max for myself and the children  (besides dad who plays adult video games kids free after we have all gone to bed)
-never buying full price 
-accepting help from friends and family 
-minimally using our air conditioning unless it's over 80 degrees in the house. (Our twins have cerebral palsy and being confined to equiptment at high temperatures is extremely uncomfortable for them.)
-using freebie sites and sometimes couponing. 

The next 365 days I am going to share little bits about our daily live and the ways we save. To educate and to give myself a little encouragement. There's nothing better then being able to actually see the fruits of your labor. 

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