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This blog is an outlet for us to share with the world how we are attempting to clean up our lives and live more ecofriendly as well as frugally. We are a family of 6 with special needs twins that battle Cerebral Palsy daily. At first it all started as a way to save a few pennies in order to afford all the specialized care the twins needed. Now it is more about living as cleanly and with nature as possibly in order to give the twins, our other two sons, and ourselves the best shot at life as possible. By taking away chemical exposure, processed foods, and environmental pollutants, we are hoping to give our children the best chance they have at learning to live with their other struggles, not add to them.  Hopefully we can share with you our struggles and successes with the changes, help some along their paths to living more holistically, and convince a few consumer junkies to make the change to help us all.
Our Oldest, 7

The man of the house and our youngest, Gabe

Myself and Gavin


Our oldest together, Ethan, 2.


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