Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cool Laundry Soap Trick

Earlier this week I posted about the benefits and instructions for making your own laundry soap. Today I stumbled upon the most amazing time shaving tip to help speed along the process. I, and I'm sure many others out there, was hand grating my Fels-Naptha (or your favorite laundry sutible bar soap [Dr. Bronners and Ivory work as well]) by hand on my cheese grater. Today I learned that you can microwave 1/2 a bar at a time for 30 seconds and blend it in your blender with a 1/4 cup regular baking soda. It literally cut my time preparing from 15 mins (with frequent breaks to help children) to 2 mins in the blender. Talk about amazing!!

Today's batch I skipped out on our scented Epsom salt so that may be on tomorrow's agenda! 

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